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Agnes Stenlund

Frustration Station

Concept / Code / Design

Finding new uses for everyday objects with the help of technology.

Frustration Station helps you deal with mental stress with 4 simple steps.

How it works

The box is equipped with a sound sensor, LED light strips, and a speaker. You activate the magic by screaming as loud as you can into the box. The sound sensor will register your frustrations and activate the light and speaker, surrounding you by sparkling stars, calming music and light. After 30 seconds the box goes back to idle mode and you're ready to face the real world outside the box.

The exhibition

Building The frustation station was a playful way of exploring the possibilities of technology. When the frustration station was designed, programmed and built, we exhibited our experiment. It turns out the experience of looking at a person screaming into a box is almost better than actually screaming into the box.*

*We didn't make the box sound proof, so letting out your frustrations in a non-awkward way is left for a second iteration.

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